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When trying to locate Los Alamitos homes for sale, you may want to consider investing in foreclosure real estate. You can find foreclosures by looking at the trustee sale section of your local newspaper. If you’re community has several different newspapers, you’ll want to study and research them regularly. Trustee sales notices don’t follow a prescribed schedule like other parts of the newspaper. They are listed when the attorney handling the foreclosure decides to put it up for auction. Usually you won’t find one newspaper that runs all ads, so you need to be diligent in your research. The ad also appears several times in the newspaper before the foreclosure auction can happen. When you see a trustee sale advertisement, usually you’ll have several days to get ready for the auction. Most of the auctions take place at the local courthouse. If you go to courthouse steps, you should be prepared for a lot of no-shows before you actually locate a property that does go all the way to auction. Many homes for sale are advertised, but either the owner reinstates the loan by paying back the delinquent amount or he ends up falling for bankruptcy, which will stop the trustee sale temporarily. You’ll also discover that the same trustee’s name comes up over and over again. Try to get to know these people. They may not want to help you with foreclosure investing, but they can provide a great source of information about the whole foreclosure process. When preparing for the auction, you want to look at foreclosure listings in the local paper. Make a list of the Los Alamitos homes for sale or real estate you want to see, and then make an appointment with local Los Alamitos Realtors for a physical inspection. Be sure to check the home values in the community and see if they’re going up or down. What were the last three recent sales in that area? What is the pricing trend over the last six months? What are homes are selling for in the area right now? Make sure you know the maximum amount you want to bid. Try to call the trustees office the day before to confirm the auction is going to take place and then show up. If you’re looking at orange county homes for sale or real estate, you want to consult with local Los Alamitos realtors for some of the best foreclosure homes for sale.

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